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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The Beacon with Austin Harris

Austin Harris

When I was fourteen years old, I would lie in bed, take our old portable tape recorder, and imitate the voices of all the different characters from Mad Magazine. At fourteen, I knew I had to get into the entertainment field someday.

In the fall of 1972, right after graduating, the local radio station had a part time job opening reading weekend news and working the shifts nobody else would work. I went in and auditioned. The Program Director who worked the morning shift said he liked my voice a lot. He should have; I was imitating him and he didn't even know it!

I utilized my God-given talents to move into the field of advertising, and I have used my voice to promote many different companies across America. But, after 36 years, my first love is communicating to people about life.

As a christian, I see a much bigger picture than just being born, learning, getting married, raising kids, working, and then dying. I see a life that should be involved in service to others. I see a life that should be blessing others rather than cursing them. I see a forgiven past, a peaceful present, and a promised future. I want to use my gifts to tell this world that God loves us all and wants us to come home to live with Him. That's what I am thinking about when I open the Beacon mic and speak from my heart. I am thinking about how I can encourage others to live the best life possible.

Austin’s Favorites

Sports: I play pick up basketball about three times a week.

Food: If I can get my lips around a nice rib-eye about once a month, I am pumped.

Color: Rainbows are the best, but my first love is blue.

Season: It's nice to live where we have all four, but summer is my favorite!

Activity: Like to go on walks with my wife, and love traveling anywhere with my kids.

Passions: Learning more about Jesus, spending time with family and writing books on parenting.

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